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Thread: Homeland Security

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    Quote Originally Posted by elq
    more like u juss started to notice.

    u'd neva know de types of surveillance that has been in place for a while now.
    That's not too farfetched at all.

    "Big Brother is watching us."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahpikne
    Bake you being to hard on him. He's refering to them turning this place into a Policed place. They want to lock us down and take away our freedoms. It starts in stages. They already started putting more camera at intersections & stop lights.
    Oh is that what he's saying???

    My bad then...I saw the jingoistic, anti-American rhetoric...suffered some sorta Tourette's reflex and next thing you know all dis set ah profanity came out of me.

    Please ... MaraCUNTa need tuh defect to Afghanistan or Libya or something...some place where he'd better blend in with the other anti-American fcuktards.
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    "I hate to say it, but I think we next. Things been too quiet here in the states."

    You couldn't be more right.Its only a matter of time b4 it does.And when it does happen America would have deserved it.

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