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Thread: hmmmmmm...oh dear.oh dear..shame on you teller!!

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    Arrow hmmmmmm...oh dear.oh dear..shame on you teller!!

    Customer pees in bank

    An elderly woman who could no longer control her bladder, urinated in the waiting area of the Independence Square branch of RBTT yesterday afternoon.

    Eyewitnesses said the woman asked a teller to use the staff washroom because she needed to do so very badly.

    However, the woman, who was standing fourth away from the counter in front of a very long line, was reportedly told she could not use the bank’s facilities but could go to the KFC outlet next door.

    A few minutes later, the woman went to a corner of the room, stooped, pulled down her clothes and urinated on the floor.

    Other customers who were in the bank were reportedly shocked at what the woman did, but some supported her.

    The incident caused a few customers to raise their voice in defence of the woman, who, after she finished relieving herself, rejoined the line to make her transaction.

    The bank’s cleaners were then called to mop up the floor.

    After finishing the transaction, the woman left without being questioned by security.

    Contacted yesterday, head of corporate communication at RBTT, Paul Charles, said the incident was an unfortunate one which the bank wished could have been avoided.
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    not too customer friendly at all...see now they would have some bathroom facilities for bank customers now...they could just have them escorted to the bathroom....
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    I remember we had a customer do that at one of my past jobs...only they used the bathroom in one of the waiting chairs. From that point on, customers were escorted to the bathroom...

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