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Thread: HIV/AIDS vaccination 'within a decade'

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    HIV/AIDS vaccination 'within a decade'

    Trinis and haitians BE HAPPY!!! having up protected sex during carnival with strangers won't be a risk in the future. AIDS infested trinis ..

    By Todd Cardy
    September 19, 2007 05:55pm
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    VACCINATIONS will be created for each of the "big three" killers - HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria - within the next decade, world health crusader Sir Gustav Nossal said today.

    Sir Gustav, Australian of the Year in 2000, said scientists were making real progress on the creation of the potentially life-saving vaccines.

    "I have no doubt that vaccinations for the big three will be found in the next decade,'' Sir Gustav said.

    The Florey Medical Research Foundation is a fundraising arm of the university's medical division.

    The Austrian-born scientist is well known for his humanitarian work, promoting Aboriginal reconciliation and projects for the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    He holds an array of international scientific awards and doctorates, including a breakthrough in modern immunology for which he was knighted in 1977.

    Sir Gustav said the health standards of developing nations were improving, particularly in nations with burgeoning economies such as China, India and Brazil.

    The number of children aged under five who died annually from preventable diseases in the developing world had dropped from 13 million children in 1990 to 9.5 million, he said.

    In the treatment of tuberculosis in Africa, Sir Gustav said a decade ago a rare few received adequate medicine to treat the disease compared with a quarter of people now.

    He said practical measures to prevent malaria, such as insect repellent nets, were also being delivered, but the rate of HIV/AIDS infections was decreasing.

    "The position is bad, but less bad than it was 10 years ago,'' he said.

    Sir Gustav said the increase in health standards could be directly linked with the large injections of money from world governments, including Australia, and major foundations.

    He credited the Gates Foundation, set up by billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, with galvanising the world's attention on the health crisis, especially the epidemic of AIDS in Africa.

    Sir Gustav said world health efforts must concentrate on helping the world's poorest people, who lived in the "basket-case nations'' of sub-Saharan Africa and the sub-continent, namely Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    "That is where we should be putting our most attention and resources,'' he said.

    "It's where most of the disasters are.''

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    I'm wondering what Carnival..

    I think everybody enjoy music, dance, events and a lot of stuff that are taked place .
    but ,.... also enjoy it ??

    I didnt know why people asked me "did you meet nice men " or something like that .

    what is Carnival ?

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    ^ huh

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    Jamaicans should be happy...soon allyuh could "hot fuk" all ova d place...even more dan yuh do now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by currygyal View Post
    Jamaicans should be happy...soon allyuh could "hot fuk" all ova d place...even more dan yuh do now!
    with all the Hot-fuc-king we do in JA, our HIV rate is LOWER!!

    I wonder why, we practice safe sex ...

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