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Thread: He said: Mark Fuhrman? Please!

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    He said: Mark Fuhrman? Please!

    You're not worth a slap.....
    Go Barron Go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elq View Post
    You're not worth a slap.....
    Go Barron Go!

    I saw that with shawn interrupting all the time to let the racist speak. But at the same time Barron does not speak for everyone, including me. There are other ways to get yuh message across with out violence. Boycott white own business, don't support they appeals, which some designers don't want to see blacks wearing it, feeling it will devalue the real value of the designer clothing and other things.

    But the thing is, why these very same opportunist, just like shapton tell the knuckle head hip hop listening street thugs to straight up and stop killing other black people? Through violence , drug pushing, domestic violence against the black woman, have learn to have morals and values in a family structure.

    But no they don't, they only respond to when another other than black harms anyone else that is BLACK, but would not speak amongst blacks that harms other blacks. See the double standard.

    To hell with Barron, Shapton, Jesse, all of them can go suck an egg.

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    see how they trying to making act like another ignorant black man...talking bout...what you gonna do hit me? calling barron a tell you these white people man

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