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Thread: Haitian is Canada's Governor General

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    Haitian is Canada's Governor General

    Haitian is Canada's Governor General

    Michaelle Jean fled Haiti in 1968. Photo courtesy of CBC
    A Haitian-born journalist from Quebec has been appointed as Canada's first black governor general - the representative of head of state Queen Elizabeth II.
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation journalist Michaelle Jean, 48, has been named by the office of Prime Minister Paul Martin.

    Ms Jean, a producer, radio host and award-winning documentary filmmaker, fled Haiti with her family in 1968.

    They settled in the French-speaking province of Quebec in eastern Canada.

    A BBC reporter in Toronto, Lee Carter, told BBC Caribbean Radio that Canadians were intrigued by by Ms Jean "fascinating background."

    Speaking to reporters after her appointment was announced, the new Governor-General said: "I have come a long way. My ancestors were slaves. I was born in Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere. I am a daughter of exiles driven from their native land by a dictatorial regime."

    Ms Jean said she was proud to be part of Canada "with its immense and unlimited possibilities, rich with the daily contributions of people who have come from all over the world".


    Prime minister Martin said: "Her personal story is nothing short of extraordinary ... she has known what it is to come to a new country with little more than hope -- hope and a belief that with hard work a new country can bring new opportunity."

    Lee Carter said it remained to be seen whether Ms Jean will have an influence on Canadian policy in Haiti.

    The Governor General gives royal assent to government bills, signs state documents and presides over the swearing-in of the prime minister, chief justice and cabinet ministers.

    Ms Jean, the third woman to hold the largely ceremonial post, will replace Adrienne Clarkson, also a former CBC journalist., in September.

    She is married to film maker Jean-Daniel Lafond. They have a six-year-old daughter.
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    Congrats to her...she is the first Black Govornor General and she's a woman from the W.I too

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