By Carol Quash

THE son of former Member of Parliament for Ortoire/Mayaro, calypsonian Winston “Gypsy” Peters, was jailed yesterday for a total of 15 months, after pleading guilty to two weapons-related offences.

When asked by Magistrate Melvin Daniel if he had anything to say before the sentence was imposed, Carlon Peters, 31, of Soogrim Trace, Laventille, said he was “sorry (he) had put his family in jeopardy”.

His father was not seen in court yesterday.

Carlon admitted that on June 26, 2003, a party of Port of Spain CID police officers searched his home and found a .38 Jennings pistol under a book in a bedroom.

The officers also found five rounds of live ammunition inside a magazine, in the same room.

Carlon was arrested and subsequently charged by PC Ransom, of the Morvant CID, with possession of a firearm and ammunition without lawful authority.

He first appeared in the Port of Spain Magistrate’s Court last Friday, and pleaded guilty to the charges, and was remanded in custody to yesterday for tracing.

When the matter was recalled yesterday, Magistrate Daniel asked Carlon how he came to be in possession of the gun and why he still had it.

Carlon replied that he had found the gun.

“Did the gun call you? Why did you keep it?” the magistrate asked.

Carlon responded that he had kept it out of curiosity.

Daniel then asked: “How long were you going to let the curiosity last? What were you going to do with it?”

Carlon’s reply was that he had no intention of using the weapon.

The criminal record trace showed that he had one previous conviction for possession of marijuana.

On the firearm charge, Carlon was sentenced to 12 months in jail. He was sentenced to three months on the other charge.

Both sentences are to be run concurrently.

Six other people who were charged jointly with Carlon were each granted bail in the sum of $20,000. Up to yesterday, none of them had been able to secure bail.

Efforts to contact Carlon’s father last evening proved futile.