It was so easy for me to wuk up and walk down the road in Trinidad with close to nothing on at any old time of the day and then land up at home, in Guyana, and literally not leave the house except to visit my granmother in hospital....and the crime in Trinidad probably worse than in Guyana.

Anyway, landed Thursday afternoon to find that the country is in an uproar because cops stopped and killed a University student driving in his car with 4 friends at 9am in the morning infront of bystanders including an ex judge. They also shot another student in the mouth and before taking him to the hospital they took both (the dead body and the injured one) to the police station for fingerprinting. As one can imagine there are vigils and rallies every night and day. I have not ventured out to see the rallies as yet because my foot swell up from de damn trini police horse dat stepped on me and i lil scared to get caught in de crowd, but will get some first hand coverage before i leave.