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Thread: Government bringing in Nigerians says senator Mark

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    Government bringing in Nigerians says senator Mark


    Nigerians are being brought into T&T by the PNM to assist its campaign for the next general election, Opposition senator Wade Mark claimed yesterday.

    “A number of Nigerians have been brought into this country by security firms and they are being used by the PNM to boost their chances at the next general elections,” Mark said while contributing to the Senate debate on a motion to acquire lands for public purposes.

    “We are seeing them all over the place and the main culprit is Amalgamated Security Co,” he said.

    Mark, the former UNC chairman now a deputy leader of the party, claimed: “The Government is aware that they are bringing in Nigerians here illegally.”

    He called on Foreign Affairs Minister Knowlson Gift and National Security Minister Martin Joseph to investigate.

    “It has been brought to our attention that hundreds of Nigerians are in this country illegally and they have been brought here under the auspices of private security firms and they are working for private security firms—all part of the voter-padding and the house-padding campaign on the part of the PNM,” he said.

    Mark said the UNC intended to meet with officials from the Elections and Boundaries Commission to discuss the issue.

    “In our registration drive we will see who is Trini and who is ‘Nigee,’” he added, amid laughter from senators on both benches.

    Mark told the Senate that on the basis of their findings, the matter would be raised with the relevant authorities

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    You notice is a man who complaining------I don't hear any Trini Woman complaining about Nigerian Man in de country
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