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Thread: G.W.BUSH big mouth strategy

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    G.W.BUSH big mouth strategy

    Mr Bush address to the nation calls the events thats happening "acts of war"an is determined to lead the world to victory aganist terrorism ,he calls this "the first war of the 21st century" now where these statements could be true ,was him mouthing this off in addressing the nation doing any good to the citizens .
    We are all shocked an want revenge taken on all those responsible,but by him making these statements of war all this does is put more fear into the citizens of America and the enemy involved.Isn,t it better for him to just hush his mouth an do what he has to do to get revenge ,by making threats to Afghanistan isnt he just giving them time to get ready for war.
    I mean does he think this is going to instill fear in the enemy ,most of these damn people will volunteer suicide anyway,their stance on this matter is when America has credibe proof that Osama Bin Laden had a part to play they will give him up.They also threaten very serious consequenses to the American society if wrongly attacked which means they are gearing up as we speak.
    Now although this is far fetch suppose this man really had nothing to do with it,suppose this is really the work of a losely connected cell under this man but he had no knowledge of the plan and here is Bush mouthing off starting something with Aghanistan.
    Shouldn,t he keep all his speculations between him an his security advisers as to not place anymore attention on the U.S. then act an not talk ?

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