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3-month extension for SoE
By Ria Taitt Political Editor
Story Created: Aug 30, 2011 at 11:40 PM ECT
Story Updated: Aug 30, 2011 at 11:40 PM ECT
The State of Emergency is to be extended for three months.
Once the extension is approved by a simple majority in the House of Representatives it would mean that the State of Emergency is legally in force until midnight on November 6, unless Government decides to lift it before that time. It will end on November 7.
A motion is to come to the House of Representatives on Friday asking the House to agree that the State of Emergency be extended for a period not exceeding three months.
Three months is the maximum time under the Constitution that the State of Emergency can be extended, before the (initial)15-day period, that the President has the power to impose. The State of Emergency began on August 22. The 15-day period ends on September 5. The extension would begin therefore on September 6 and end on November 6.
On Friday, the House will therefore debate two motions. The first motion will ask the House to debate the specific grounds on which the decision to declare a State of Emergency was based, according to Section 1 (9) of the Trinidad and Tobago Constitution. The House of Representatives does not approve this motion, it merely debates the resolution.
The second motion is the motion to extend the State of Emergency. This motion must be approved by a majority of MPs. As Government has a comfortable majority 29/12, it is expected that this motion would be carried with, or without the support of the Opposition PNM.
Under the Constitution the Government can extend a State of Emergency more than once, but the extension in the aggregate must not exceed six months.