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Thread: FIFA fan of the for the trini

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    FIFA fan of the for the trini


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    10-Jun-2006Match 4 TRI:SWE

    Venue: FIFA World Cup Stadium, Dortmund Name: Dean Ackin
    Age: 33
    Country: Trinidad and Tobago
    Team Supporting: Trinidad and Tobago Colourful first-timers Trinidad have brought an adoring carnival of vibrant supporters with them to the 18th FIFA World Cup finals in Germany. Perhaps none better represent the dual-island nation’s enthusiasm and charisma than Dean Ackin of Port of Spain, who travelled ten hours with a his friends to cheers his side on to to glory.

    Performing member of The Tribe – the largest Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago –Ackin, 33, is thrilled to be in Germany to roar on the Soca Warriors. And he and his mates are totally unfazed by the fact that they are massive underdogs in their first match with Sweden at the FIFA World Cup Stadium Dortmund.

    “Sweden? No problem man,” he shouted with a dismissive wave of the hand as his friends and band-mates chanted pro-Caribbean slogans in the background. “We’ll beat them 2-0, no trouble at all. They think we’re underdogs and that they will thrash us. But they’re all wrong man.”

    A life-long Manchester United fan, one would think Dean’s favourite player in the current side would be ex-Old Trafford star Dwight Yorke, but it is the stylish, 37-year-old playmaker Russell Latapy who he admires the most.

    ”They don’t call him the Little Magician for nothing,” Dean added. “He’s pure class on the ball and no one can run with it like ol’ Russell can. He’s gonna’ get right at ‘em”

    When asked what Trinidad and Tobago bring to the global party here in Germany, Dean was quick in his response. “We bring the fun, we bring the colour and the excitement. Trinidad isn’t only bringing cool Caribbean football, but we’re bringing the party too!”

    If Trinidad’s enthusiasm on the pitch resembles anything like their fans’ passion and flavour, Sweden, England and Paraguay better watch out. Dean and the Tribe’s party piece attests rather aptly to the team’s determination and fighting spirit.

    “We are the Soca Warriors,” their sing-songy voices filled the air outside the ground attracting jealous looks from even the most boisterous Swedish fans. “Win or lose, we are fighters.”

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    this is too cute. "fan of the match" lol
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    I thought the fan of the match was this guy?

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