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    Enter The Dragon...

    A story of love, hate, romance, and canary yellow mustangs

    *Enter The Dragon*

    The shower door opens with a bang and the steamy wisps of humidity make their way across the bedroom ceiling only to be dissipated by a quietly churning ceiling fan. From the misty entrance steps a bone thin, bald headed man of middling age. He quickly gets dressed, places a fake silver chain made of tin around his neck and closes the door behind him. The sputter of his yellow mustang brings a wry smile to his face.

    "At least ah got ah date tonight", he thinks flashing a toothy grin back at himself in the rear view mirror, "Even if she weighs in at a massive 315lbs". The man many have unfortunately come to know as Dragon flexes his scraggly muscles in anticipation of the nights activities and speeds off into the night.

    *40 minutes later after an exquisite dinner at McDonalds and quick tour of the star lit Parkway*

    "Well this is my place... make yourself at home and watch out for dat pothole in the kitchen" he says switching on the dim lights and throwing his jacket to the floor.

    "Thank you!" the bellowing voice sounds like granite and the person from whom it booms looks as hard as the mountains themselves. She is 6'5", 315lbs of hard-backed woman! She reaches up to scratch her scraggly goatee and looks at the small New York condo. "Why yuh have a pothole in yuh kitchen!?"

    "Dih cement ent dry yet... so yuh ready to rumble?!"

    "A guess so... ya better throw down a good work cause I haven't gotten any in so long my virginity grow back!"

    "Well go into the bedroom and get ready... I will just change into something more comfortable"

    Dragon goes into the bathroom and quickly strips down to the nude. Quickly checking the full length mirror he decides it would be best to make a good first impression and slips back into his canary yellow g-string brief. Placing his fake chain back across his neck and picking this mornings spinach from his teeth Dragon stumbles into the bedroom.

    "Hi Draggy... looking... yuh looking... well come here baby!"

    Leaping onto the dark bed Dragon follows the stubly leg hair up her thigh to the mass of bush that could only be the entrance to heaven! He smiles to himself and in a moment he is inside and riding.

    "Draggy... are you inside yet?" She asks imploringly

    "Patrick? Umm... I ent like dat name.. Ah calling yuh Patsy... Patsy... Ah done ride, buss, roll off and ah in dih kitchen eating a baloney and sardine sandwich right now gyul!" Draggy calls back from the kitchen. "Yuh want?"

    The bedroom door springs open and the woman one can only describe as burly pulls Dragon back in sandwich and all.

    "Wih not done yet b!tch!"

    The blood curdling screams echo into the night...

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    yuh too fast
    It was nice knowin' ya.

    *wonders what happens in the next episode*

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    idleness....pure idleness

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Q~
    It was nice knowin' ya.

    *wonders what happens in the next episode*
    You tell him honey

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