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Thread: Drug mules held in barbados

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    Drug mules held in barbados


    The Royal Barbados Police Force says the quick action of law-enforcement officials led to the apprehension of 10 drug mules yesterday, eight of whom are Jamaicans.

    The 10 were among a group of 20 people who were initially held by authorities after arriving in Barbados on Wednesday evening on a flight from Jamaica.

    Public relations officer for the police force, Inspector David Welch, told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre yesterday that all 20 were interviewed and 10 were suspected of carrying contraband.

    Welch said they were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital under police guard where X-rays revealed that they had ingested pellets of marijuana.

    He said drug charges would be laid against them once they are released from hospital.

    Continuous flow

    He added that authorities are concerned about what he said is a continuous flow of non-nationals into Barbados.

    "Yes, we are seeing Jamaicans, but not only Jamaicans ... other nationals as not only swallowers, but they usually have drugs in their luggage and about their bodies," Welch said when asked about the involvement of Jamaicans in drug smuggling into Barbados.

    He noted that on the same day the eight Jamaican drug smugglers had arrived in the island, two of their countrymen were each sentenced to three years' imprisonment for drug trafficking after pleading guilty.

    They are 27-year-old Mario Timon Myers from Albany, in St Mary, and Michael Washington Burke, 52, of Kingston 11.

    The police said both men had arrived on July 26 and were held on suspicion of trafficking drugs.

    The police said they were taken to hospital where Myers passed out 54 taped bags of cannabis weighing two and a half pounds and Burke passed out 98 taped packages of cannabis, also weighing two and a half pounds.

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    lil bit ah drugs man.... so does the authorities know that those 20 persons were decoys for the kilos to pass thru????? The small man must always get caught for the bigger man to pass thru..... thats just how the system operates in the underworld.... I just find that all ah dem real dotish to be on de same flight....
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