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Thread: Do immigrants push their children too much ?

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    Do immigrants push their children too much ?

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    I heard the list of Rhodes scholars came out and I think 10 are black ; I happen to read at least of the 10 are children of immigrants ; one Haitian and another Nigerian; there may be more but these are just the 2 that I read about . This may point to the success of immigrant children due to their parents pushing them. Although I don't know the full story of these two

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    Contrasting this with the article above that a daughter lied and deceived her immigrant parents about school and end up killing them. The ensuing discussion seem that a lot of people think that immigrant children get push too much and his can be a result albeit an extreme one.

    Your thoughts ?

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    Well....they, the immigrants' parents for the most part, have an idea what it takes to make it here, so i would say no.

    Take a look at the specialize H.S. in NYC, less than 5% are Blacks in these schools, outrageous...and sad.

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