OH gosh, I just get on to ride the R train to Manhattan thursday aftanoon n i standing up holdin on to the pole watchin' da scene...Dis man only lookin vex across from him at a young woman (abot 22-23)..HE was probably vex (or at least I had assumed) at she b/c she only in her mirror spittin on her finga wipin makeup as she applyn' da makeup to her face....He gettin vex vex all suckin teeth and wha not, she finally put it away afta a while...I go n sit next to the man..then..
I hearin some louUDDD clonkin noise comin from across...I look ova at da girl who was now playin wid paper in her hand as she read da newspaper...DA GIRL WAS SUCKING THE HELLLL, SUGAR, RUBBER OUTTA DA GUM SHE HAD PUT IN HER MOUTH!!! I mean some people chew loud, ok, BUT SHE WAS RIDICULOUS WID IT...At one stop, a girl looked ova (she was 2 seats down) like wha da hell is she doin makin all dat noise...AND U WOULDA THINK SHE STOP TO BREATHE, SWALLOW, etc. noooo, she clonckin harddddd on her gum...I BUST OUT LAFFIN' when I saw the lady face next to her (she looked so confused)...IT WAS TOO FUNNY, i was alil vex that she was doing it so freely, but it was toooo funny not tuh take a laff...I wonder how much gum she consume a day....DAMN LUCKILY IT WAS JUST GUM, imagine her chewin somethin else...o gosh!