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Thread: De Nex' Ting?

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    Lightbulb De Nex' Ting?

    Arite mih people, oonu ketch de concept...

    De second Friday of every month in a nice likkle spot downtown Brooklyn. Plenty good people, nuff irie vibes and food...for yuh belly and yuh soul. Blasting from the sound system is strictly "conscious" music from various genres including, Reggae, Calypsoca, Hip-Hop/R&B, etc. After the session is over, part of the proceeds go to support worthy causes. Rewind and come again the nex month...

    Wha oonu think bout this...interested?

    If so, please keep your calendars open for May 14th.

    Details will follow...

    P.S. Yuh wah tek a stab at naming de session? Ah won't promise yuh a prize or any compensation but at least you'll be able to proudly say you were the suing allowed...or else ah tellin miserable-ass Trinibaje. lol!

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