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Thread: Daily Motivation

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    Daily Motivation

    When Things Go Wrong

    When things go wrong, stop and ask yourself a question. Do you want to make circumstances worse, or do you wish to make things better?

    Getting angry and resentful will take a bad situation and make it even more difficult. Focusing solely on who is to blame and seeking some form of retribution will not solve the problem.
    Instead, step back from what's going on, and make every effort to look objectively, with an open mind, at all the factors involved. Take a few moments to calmly put everything into perspective.

    When things go wrong, you will always find an abundance of opportunities for making a positive difference. Difficult situations, as undesirable as they may be, often carry with them valuable possibilities that cannot be found anywhere else.
    Look for a way to respond that will end up putting you in a stronger position than you were before the setback occurred. See the situation as an opportunity, and that's what it will become.

    When things go wrong, you have the chance to step forward and create real, meaningful, and much-needed value. The momentum you build in doing so will continue to carry you quickly ahead.

    -- Ralph Marston

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    this was a great inspirational piece...

    I owe you a

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