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Thread: Customer Service Reps

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    Customer Service Reps

    What do you do when they are rude to you....especially when its without good reason?
    Are you rude to them....when its not even called for?

    Some of them are genuinely nice but the others give you a difficult time and develop attitudes for nothing at all. My take is...If you don't know how to deal with people then get yourself a job where you don't have to. That's why I always ask for a name before I state my problem, etc. and if they give me a hard time I ask to speak to the supervisor or I hang up and call back.

    If you're a service rep....please share your stories because some customers are not always in the right.

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    I'm not a customer service rep, I am a bill collector, I guess the most you can do is educate the customer of what's going on but It just have some people that just want an excuse to curse somebody out,trust me it gets hard but that's the most you can do.

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