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    WTC Tragedy truly affects the world/Victims of all nationalities

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    We all know, and this is another reason why I am so quick to sling the mud back into GW Bush's face, that from the getgo he has labelled all this ##### on the one them call "Bin Ladden". But there is a journalist from the states who has a few theories of his own which the American people on the whole are not even willing to consider, but rather be lead by Bush like a lamb to slaughter. Okay, 1993 there is no dispute this guy probably played a key role in the first WTC bombing, but why the ##### did the American govt not nail this guys balls to the wall back then, in '93. Doesn't add up right? Also, there is new speculation that (whoever)singular is responsible, may have gotten large funding from the (NY/world stock exchange/Wall Street) from inside sources for their capitol gain via the help of these assasins, of course the suicide bombers did it for their own religion but what about the Dons on the top, most likely did it for a cash profit. Another theory, claims that whomever masterminded all this is not seeking assylum in Afghansitan,Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, but you don't have to look any further than the good 'ole U.S.A., Because according to his theory thats right where he is located, I would hazzard a personal guess and say the eastern seaboard. So if you are crazy enough to consider any of these theories, then it might be considered crazy to seeing that Bin Ladden ($300 million dollar extraordinaire) could be used as a means to being a good scapegoat also.

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