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Thread: Come Critique My Economic Plan

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    Cool Come Critique My Economic Plan

    So dem politician and economist here in DC talking bout is d housing market, MBS, confidence, and lack of spending that mashing up the economy. Dem answer is tuh borrow ah shitload of money that we go have to pay back + interest and then try central planning tuh revive the economy. I willing tuh bet $$ that Obama and dem solution will FAIL while in the process completing the destruction of the dollar and eroding your rights + freedoms.

    So here is my plan. Don't bail anyone out. Start with the housing market. People who are at risk of foreclosure or "underwater", let them raffle off their houses. Say you bought the house for $200K and now it's only worth $150k. Well hold a raffle. If you get 2000 people to buy a raffle ticket for $100. Winner gets the house for $100 while you get to pay off the bank and save your credit. Bank gets their money and won't have to write down/or off any losses. (Isn't that why we keep pumping $$$ in insolvent companies) The person who won the raffle now owns the house free and clear and now has tons of income to spend. This increased spending now revives demand for good and services so businesses can again expand and create jobs. This can also be done for new houses and other goods.

    Banks will opose this and lobby state and Fed gov't against it cause it will lessen our need for them. Well fack them, their only purpose is to create money as debt then rape you w/interest on money they never had to lend you in the 1st place.

    Politicians will oppose it because it will compete with the state's monopoly on gambling. Well fack them to, why must people gamble with THEIR money only where these crooked ass politician demand. Who's lottery would you rather play? One where your chances are 1 in 2000 or 1 in 2,000,000.

    House values will collapse. Yea, but so will the debtload accompanying their acquisition. Rent prices will also collapse making housing more affordable.

    Property taxes will collapse. No money to fund all these welfare/social programs. Okay, so what. With no mortgage people will be able to afford sh!t for themselves and won't leech off of others. If you didn't have a mortgage, healthcare, schools, college tuition, and a whole bunch of other things now became affordable. Plus welfare is facking robbery and all welfare states eventually collapse because its not sustainable. (ie - California, U.S.S.R)

    Transfer of power. Gov't beaurocrats and special interest will oppose it because now they won't have anything to buy your vote with. This will take the power and spending out of gov't hands and return it to the people. Eventually things like Social Security and the other ponzi scams run by the gov't can be stopped. With less debt, you can save for your own retirement if you so chose. Get gov't out of people's lives and go back to what their purpose was. Enforcing contracts, National Defense, etc.

    Only problem I see so far is how the IRS will treat the raffles winner's house. If they treat the difference between the seller's book value minus buyers cost as income then my plan is doomed cause now instead of owing a bank hundreds of thousands of dollars, you now owe it to the gov't. But dies no scene don't pay dem d taxes and Obama will hire you.

    Less need for banks, regulations, politicians, taxes & and without the gov't borrowing one single cent. Now I know it have things I'm missing so come knock holes in my plan.

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    It's a beautiful plan I'm on board .

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    Although Im not behind on payments..Ill raffle off my house.

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