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Thread: COLO....why is it that when i am blatantly calling you out

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    Quote Originally Posted by MÉCHANT LOUP View Post

    because your sentiment and argument about those type of men doesn't apply to no need to feel offended, or engage in that kind of discussion.

    *Hint Hint*...*Hint Hint*

    Anyways, crossed my mind today.

    and since some is never enough, perhaps you've been waiting for.....

    You know what to do when I cross your mind.
    you ALL AGREE with my opinion, which is why NONE of you ever EFFECTIVELY DISPUTE IT

    you ONLY have faith in the WOMEN'S ability to ELEVATE which is why you only FOCUS ON ALL have long given up on Black men

    you just don't have the BALLS to OVERTLY AGREE....rather just do it INDIRECTLY

    weak men only can deal with weaker women

    in the presence of strength you diminish...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkiGiovanni View Post
    and (by) dissing men in never take up that argument?

    you never seem to take what i say offensively and you never go toe to toe with me armed with hurt feelings and personal attacks?

    even when you know i am coming for you, you just smoooooothly bypass me with a calm coolness

    you know that's hot right????
    you know that's real sexy don't you?
    Who has eyes to see, let them see...

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