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I believe the movement should more so be credited to David Guetta. He may not have started but he has taken it to another level in popularity. I believe the term for this type of music was coined "electro hop"

I agree his "One Love" project with features from Akon, and Kelly Rowland brought him and the Dance movement to new heights. You can't forget about the emergence of Lady Gaga though who for the most, uses dance sounds in her songs as well. Once that happened and Kesha's retarded ass dropped and Taio Cruz's "Break your heart" crossed over to American radio forget it. Everybody and they mama wanna copy the sound.

What's even worse is that you have producers that are straight up ripping off other popular dance tunes to make a pop hit for American artists.

BTW I wouldn't really call it Electro Hop. most of the tunes are Electro Pop.