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Thread: Cheb i Sabbah, 1947-2013 RIP

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    Cheb i Sabbah, 1947-2013 RIP

    Another musician/Dj that i listened to passed recently. RIp Cheb i Sabbah.

    Cheb i Sabbah, 1947-2013 | SF Music
    Cheb i Sabbah, 1947-2013

    Algerian-born, Bay-based DJ and musicmaker Cheb i Sabbah was an international star with an incredible past. But he will always be known here as a beautiful soul and teacher who incited a true spiritual devotion in his fans. And, as the godfather of the global house movement, he was one of the most creative DJs to coalesce strains of Indian ragga, reggae riddim, African percussion, and more into a wonderfully danceable mix.

    A mix, it turns out, that influenced a generation of musicians and dancers and introduced many to the metaphysical joys of a sonic melting pot. His longrunning 1002 Nights weekly Tuesday parties at Nickie's in the Lower Haight and his work with Six Degrees Records enriched SF nightlife and music throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

    After he had fought cancer for a long time -- there were several fundraisers for him over the past few years, which helped keep his music flowing -- his family announced his passing this afternoon via his Facebook page. The statement, and some of our favorite tunes, after the jump. We'll miss him greatly.

    Dear friends, family, fans and fellow beat followers, it is with a heavy heart that we, Cheb i Sabbah’s family announce his peaceful passing yesterday morning in his home in San Francisco.

    He was surrounded by his life partner of over 18 years and is memorialized by his two children and three grand children.

    We ask that we be allowed the time to grieve and mourn our loss and will be announcing any memorial services in the near future….. When dusk falls this evening, and the stars begin to swirl, our father is spinning for all the great ones who passed before him and were awaiting his arrival,


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    Beautiful music...both peaceful and vibrant at the same time. Sad that he has passed. God be with his loved ones.

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