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Thread: Castro a Key Influence for Chavez

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    Castro a Key Influence for Chavez

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba to visit his convalescing friend and ally Fidel Castro, spending six hours with the 80-year-old leader he considers a guiding light for the Latin American left.

    Chavez, 52, spoke fondly of his friend during an exclusive interview with The Associated Press on Saturday. He brought up memories of their many conversations, recalled greeting crowds of supporters together in Venezuela and also talked about Castro while condemning as unjust the execution of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

    spoken as a true revolutionist...

    "Fidel Castro told me one day, after they captured Saddam there in that hole where they found him... 'Chavez, look at how they captured Saddam. He should have died fighting. If they invade Cuba, I'm going first, and you will see what you do. You're also on the list. But in any case we cannot be captured in a hole,'" Chavez recalled in the interview with the AP.

    "In Cuba there is no child that isn't in school, no sick person who isn't tended to," Chavez said.

    Despite his admiration of Cuba, Chavez denied that Venezuela's emerging socialist system is being modeled after the island's. "We're in the middle of building it, like an artist painting a picture," Chavez said. "We aren't copying anything."

    The U.S. government has repeatedly denied Chavez's accusations that it is plotting an invasion of Venezuela, but Chavez said his intelligence confirms there is a danger.

    "They have a plan to invade Venezuela. To deny it would be absurd ... just as they have a plan to invade Cuba. Who could think they don't have a plan to invade Cuba?" said Chavez, who has pledged that Venezuela would help defend the island if needed.

    full story...
    ABC News: Castro a Key Influence for Chavez

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    That's why I don't buy the 'Saddam in a hole story with documents' one bit. It must have been a clone !

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