There is an incredible new reality show premiering this fall on BET. It's called "Remixed!" -- and Tidal Wave TV is looking for people to cast!
Remixed! takes deserving women from "Generation Hip-Hop" with extraordinary dreams and gives them tools to make those dreams come true. If you know someone who's doing amazing things for others but hasn't pursued her own dream, you can nominate her - or yourself! - to get Remixed! And, if you know talented stylists and/or life coaches who are destined to make over dreamers, we want to meet them, too!
"Remixees" - these are the guests we will be making over in the series
"Remixers" - these are the life and style experts who will be doing the makeovers
>Remember this is BET, so we are definitely looking for guests and experts with close ties to the African-American and hip-hop communities.
All casting information is below, or you can go straight to to read the breakdowns and submit! PLEASE

NOTE: Due to our casting schedule, guests and talent submissions are only being accepted ONLINE through our secure forms. We'll let you know if we would like you to provide any additional materials after you submit online.

Tidal Wave TV


Do you know a teen, twenty- or thirtysomething female who's always doing for others and still hasn't taken time to make her own dreams come true? Nominate her to get Remixed!
>We're seeking multicultural members of the hip-hop generation who need a hand in looking and living the life of their dreams. We really want to reward people who have done great things for others-and deserve a great deed done for them.
>Stories we'd love to hear more about include:
>·Starting her own business
>·Mending a broken relationship
>·Re-entering the dating world
>·First day on a new job
>·Meeting a parent or family member for the first time
>·Leaving home for college
>·Welcoming a first foster child or adoptee
>·YOU tell US!
>Remixee nominees must be:
>·At least 18 years old
>·Available for 2-3 consecutive weekdays in Los Angeles, CA (travel
>provided, if necessary)
>·Open to dramatic change
>·Did we mention deserving of a dream come true?!
>So if you know someone, or are that someone, who needs and deserves a
>Remixed! makeover; go online and submit at
>A new look. A new life. A new you. You know you want to get Remixed!
>We're also looking for amazing, charismatic, multicultural talent to be our Remixers! Remixers are the talented experts who teach our Cinderalla the tools she needs to make herself over, so she won't turn back into a pumpkin after the show...
>If you want to be a Remixer and are an established professional with: 1) a strong portfolio and/or reel, 2) signature style, 3) name clients and 4) extensive experience, please contact us right away! We are seeking powerful personalities who are at ease on-camera, working in groups and teaching others what you know. You must be able to show proof of eligibilty to work in the United States.
>We are casting 4 positions:
>Two of our experts will be permanently cast in the series: "Style" and "Spirit."
>Our "Style" Remixer is a style innovator with a signature look of his or her own and star clientele. S/He must have great knowledge of and relationships with Los Angeles designers and nationwide fashion lines. S/He must be able to quickly pull together looks that are age-, occupation- and occasion-appropriate. S/He also must be experienced in styling exquisitely for different body types beyond and including the traditional model figure.
>Our "Spirit" Remixer is a grounded, powerful person with diverse experience guiding people to personal and professional self-actualization. S/He must be a force of nature, both empowered and empathetic, with superb communication skills and a gift for creative solutions. Life coaches, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, clergy and organizational leaders with strong on-camera experience and a background working with teens and twentysomethings are ideal.
>We are pre-casting numerous hair and make-up artists to use throughout the series, depending on the needs of our episodic guests. "Hair" and "Face" will vary by episode, so our Remixees get the added suspense of not knowing who is giving them their new and improved look.
>Our "Hair" Remixers have creatively styled all types of hair and have
>worked with "name" clients and salons. They must be able to style
>beautifully, simply and quickly. They also must have extensive experience with styles, processes, implements and products that work with many different types of hair, including African-American variations.
>Our "Face" Remixers are skilled in a wide range of make-up applications and grooming processes and products for women. They must be extremely knowledgeable of the different lines of cosmetics and toiletries, including department store and over-the-counter brands. They must be able to create a look and regimen that is natural, easy to follow and quick to do. They also must have serious knowledge of make-up and skin care for a wide range of skin tones and types and have worked with celebrity clients.
>This is a paid gig, and permanent experts must relocate to Los Angeles at your own expense. Repped talent is welcome, but there will be no "plus 10" or "plus 20."
>REMEMBER: Applications are ONLY available online at