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Thread: Carnival Victim.....What a Warrior!!!!!!!

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    This was sent to me.

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    Carnival Victim.....What a Warrior!!!!!!!
    A very proud mother, Ms Marshall helps her son to the family Day Fundraiser with Keith Preddie looking on in amazement

    We witnessed a miracle at the Family Day Fundraiser on Sunday. To our surprise, Ronald Marshall showed up at the event. He wanted to get out for a while after being in the hospital all the time (just over two months). The doctor gave him the clearance. His mother, like mothers are usually, was hesitant and told him that the call was his. He didn't think twice. He was picked up by Keith Preddie from the hospital and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

    He really looked great to everyone's surprise. He was in extremely great spirits. He spoke to everyone and ate a lot of great home cooked food which as you would imagine is a far cry from hospital food. His mother and kid sister were also in attendance and seemed extremely happy for him and the support.

    In terms of his health, Ronald is well on his way to full recovery. He is slated to have some reconstructive surgery shortly and is going through physical therapy under the sure hands of Panmasters own Lennard Jack who is confident that everything is going to be alright. His mother is very confident that he will be out of the hospital in a few weeks and would only need outpatient visits. There is still some ways to go. We hope that you continue to support the cause as a lot of expenses are continuously being incurred by the family.

    All the food and drinks were donated by concerned community members notably Caribbean Delight Restaurant, Ainsley Gill and the Gordon Twins. There was horseback riding with horses brought by WPFW'S ZYDECO DJ TEXAS FRED who donated all proceeds to the fund. The fund netted approx. $1,000.00

    A really great time was had by all.

    Thanks for all your support. It means a lot. Join in the effort.

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