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Thread: The Caribbean To Become Single Air Space

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    The Caribbean To Become Single Air Space

    Caribbean to become single air space

    Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:25:00

    By Dawne Bennett

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, CMC - Caribbean tourism officials are working towards the completion of a single regional air space by next September, and they say this time around there will be more than just talk about solving air transportation problems.

    A San Juan Accord, drafted after the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Tourism and International Transport Ministers met here, has outlined proposals to make regional air travel easier, less costly and more viable.

    The document, a copy of which was obtained by the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), pointed out that air transport solutions are crucial to tourism and general business development and a regional approach would be much more effective, far-reaching and sustainable.

    With this in mind, the ministers have pledged to work towards accelerating the revision of the CARICOM Multilateral Air Services Agreement and related liberalisation of regional air transport, with a view to completion and implementation by September 30, 2008.

    They also agreed to intensify efforts towards the creation of a single regional air space within sub-regional groupings such as CARICOM by that same time, and extending it to the wider Caribbean where feasible.

    Among the other proposals was the establishment of a CTO-wide umbrella policy for air transport.

    Tourism Ministers and Ministers responsible for Air Transport, National Security and other related matters are expected to meet by February 15 to discuss this further.

    The accord also pointed to a plan to reinforce measures to facilitate the movement of international and intra-regional passengers in the Caribbean.

    Such may include a common ED card, regional travel card, harmonised visa policies and streamlined customs and immigration procedures, it indicated.

    In addition, a study on the competitiveness of the Caribbean air transport sector to be considered by Tourism Ministers will also be conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

    This study will consider the cost and pricing structure on parallel routes served by those carriers operating in the region.

    The study should be completed no later than May 31, 2008 and should examine taxation, user charges, pricing structure, fees applied to air transport and the optimisation of existing hubs as well as the creation of new strategic hubs, noted the memorandum.

    The San Juan Accord revealed that the European Union has committed financial resources under the Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme to support implementation of these initiatives.

    While Ministers acknowledged during their discussions that many previous recommendations on regional air transportation solutions have not been implemented, the CTO's 1st Vice Chairman Harold Lovell told CMC the region's time is running out and officials are now well aware of that.

    "I think we've reached the stage where we now recognise that is the only way because as the world becomes smaller and with the increasing impact of globalisation, we recognise as small countries if we do not pool our resources and pool our respective images into one then we're going to have even greater difficulty going forward.

    "It is now up to the commitment of the leadership to carry through, he added.


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    This is interesting... The 30th Caribbean Tourism Conference at which I represented Anguilla discussed this often - It was part of a key address by Alec Sanguinet during the opening.

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    CTO is not political organisation so i will wait for CARICOM US DR to say their piece first

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    When is the first direct flight from Kingston to West Afrika?

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