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Thread: Caribana 2009 - Part One of the Court Case

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    Caribana 2009 - Part One of the Court Case

    Toronto, Canada - Yes ah say Caribana 2009. Every time ah try to say Scotiabank Caribana meh teet does bite meh tongue. Ah cah get it do easy at all. Why? No disrespeck to Scotiabank eh? Dem name bank an bank belong to de Gimme Gimme Gang. Dey doh make profit by being sorf an lettin a golden goose get away. Expressly if de goose take awf all he fedders, jump on a plate nex to some kuchila an rice, han de bank a knife an fork an say “Look Meh!”

    Is not me alone who feel so eh. Nuff people ah talk wid since we get buy out, feel dat dis is not Scotiabank ting, is we ting dat we give away. Is like de time a man put he wife on Ebay to sell she for 2 dollars. People make a bid oui. But unlike dat man, we went troo wid de deal an get stick.

    click for de full ’tory

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