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Thread: Caribana 2001 and XCLUSV Entertainment

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    Artists/Dj's for Caribana 2001

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    XCLUSV Entertainment

    Caribana 2001 and XCLUSV Entertainment

    XCLUSV Entertainment will be bringing a truck for this years Caribana 2001 Parade.

    We are currently looking for dedicated people that can bring their creativity and ideas to the table in hopes to make a very intergral first step with us.

    XCLUSV is largely known in Toronto for their "long-weekend" parties throughtout the year, their Caribana Saturday vibe inside the Atlantis Entertainment Complex, and of course G-Spot.

    As an R&B promotion, XCLUSV is dedicated to proving to the caribbean community that we recognize the importance of the culture, and are willing to adhere to the condtions in participating in this years festival.

    If you are an artist, performer/band, or dj, local or international, and are interested in being part of this event, p
    Stasia Osbourne at

    XCLUSV Entertainment.

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