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Thread: CAPE EXAMS: WHAT NEXT? ( This is very bad!!! )

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    (From - :: Press Room ) : ALL CARIBBEAN Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) scheduled from May 12 to June 13, 2008 in Trinidad and Tobago have been postponed by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) based in Barbados.
    At least 4,000 students will be affected by this decision.

    This is the word from the Minister of Education, Esther Le Gendre in a release and in a statement. It was discovered and confirmed by the Ministry in Port-of-Spain that students could have purchased copies of the leaked CAPE paper for $5,000.

    The Council took this decision after confirming the leak of Communication Studies Paper II in Trinidad and Tobago on May 8, followed by unconfirmed reports of possible breaches in other subject areas.

    As a consequence, the Communications Paper II and all CAPE examination papers, which are yet to be done, have been withdrawn.

    These include Mathematics, English, Literature, Business Studies, Physics, Biology, History, Chemistry, Languages and others. New papers will be issued.

    Students will be given new dates for the examinations today. The Ministry’s release said more detailed information will be provided today.

    The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations (CSEC) have not been affected.

    The Council assures all candidates and their families that these decisions, in respect to (CAPE), have been taken in the best interest of students and was taken to maintain the integrity of the examinations.

    The Council has initiated the process to facilitate new arrangements for these examinations, including having students resit the Communications Paper II.

    Officials from the CXC examination unit in Barbados arrived in Trinidad on Saturday last. They met with Education Minister Le Gendre, and other Ministry stakeholders. As a result of this meeting and subsequent investigations, Le Gendre issued this statement:

    “I wish to advise all principals, centre supervisors, invigilators, students and parents that all subsequent CAPE examinations – Units I and II and the Communication Studies Paper II – are to be rescheduled.

    “The Ministry supports the decision taken by the CXC, despite the fact that this latest report, in respect to other subjects, has not been confirmed and initial investigations indicate that all papers received have been accounted for.

    In addition, the Minister said, it should be noted that all papers are received in sealed packages and remain so until opened by authorised persons on the day and time of the scheduled examinations, in the presence of candidates and exam personnel.

    “We believe, however, that this threat to the integrity of the examinations is sufficient to warrant CXC’s actions in the interest of our students.

    “All current examination papers have, therefore, been recalled and the Ministry has contracted the services of an expert security agency to redesign the security procedures to be utilised in the management of examinations in the future. The CXC is also undertaking a similar exercise.”

    The statement continued, “Fellow citizens, students, we view this incident and its implications of adult criminal activity impacting on young persons as a serious matter. It is contrary to all the values we continue to instill in our youth. This criminal act increases the level of anxiety in students at this critical time in their development.

    “While the matter is in the hands of the police, the Ministry renews its call to members of the public who have information to come forward. The Ministry, CXC and the Ministry of National Security have a responsibility to determine the facts and to take action on this basis only. We have acted promptly on information we have received and the public is to be commended for its support to date.”

    This is not the first time that examination papers have been leaked to students.

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    Boy how u late so?

    But here's the latest development, i was about to put up a new thread, but I'll make use of yours.

    CXC arrest

    Ministry employee, 3 pupils charged in exam leak scandal

    Jensen LaVende

    Friday, May 23rd 2008

    An employee from the Ministry of Education San Fernando office, along with three pupils, was last night charged for breaching the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) O-Level exam.

    Reports of breaches of the Mathematics Paper II and English, which were written by thousands of secondary school pupils across the Caribbean, were highlighted in the media.

    The Express learned that the mathematics paper was being sold for $300 after copies had been made and e-mailed before it was distributed to exam centres throughout the country.

    Police said last night there were several other pupils who have been implicated in the exam scandal and they are likely to be charged. Investigators said they would be proceeding against the pupils by the use of summons.

    The employee and the three pupils, who are all from South Trinidad, were arrested on Wednesday by members of the Fraud Squad and have been charged under Sections 10, 11 and 13 of the Caribbean Examinations Council Act of 1990. If found guilty, those charged could face a maximum of one year in prison or a fine of $5,000, according to the Act.

    According to the Act, it is an offence for a person who, after acquiring knowledge of the contents of an examination paper, to present himself as a candidate to sit the exam.

    The Act also makes it an offence for an employee storing exam papers to distribute or disclose them to another without authorisation.

    The public servant and one pupil were also charged with larceny, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

    CXC officials cancelled the A-Level Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination after an Express exclusive report on May 9, which revealed that for $5,000 students could buy the Communications Paper II.

    There were further reported leaks of other exams. CXC has since announced that all CAPE exams in Trinidad and Tobago which were scheduled to begin on May 12 and end on June 13, will now begin on June 23.

    Education Minister Esther LeGendre told the Express on Wednesday that there had been reports "of one kind or another" when questioned about reports of leaks of other CXC exams.

    "The matter was referred to the police and we must await the outcome of the investigation," LeGendre said in a telephone interview last night about the police breakthrough.

    Many students were upset over the leaks and re-scheduling of the exam. Principals across the country were upset over the late start of the new exam, stating that it could have a negative impact on the students' performance.

    On May 15, 19-year-old Martin Joseph was found hanging at his Beggs Trace, Toco, home in an apparent suicide, sparked by the rescheduling of his exams.
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