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Thread: Can you think of any young girls that might be interested in this..

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    Post Can you think of any young girls that might be interested in this..

    I just got this in email..It maybe a bit late for the deadline, but an interested person should still give it a try...

    The Women's Technology Program at MIT is a 4-week summer residence program to introduce high school girls to electrical engineering and computer science. If you know a girl who is currently a high school junior with demonstrated math and science ability and an interest in finding out about EECS, please encourage her to visit our website for more information and
    for an application form:

    Our classes are taught in a supportive environment by a staff of women MIT PhD candidates and undergraduates. The full-time academic program includes hands-on experiments and team-based projects in computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics.

    Our goals are to:

    * increase girls' interest and confidence in pursuing computer science and engineering and

    * make them aware of their potential for success in these fields

    Participants are selected from a nationwide applicant pool of girls who attend the program in the summer between their junior and senior year in high school. No prior experience in computer programming, physics, or electrical engineering is expected, but applicants typically have strong academic records, especially in math and science.

    Thank you for your help in communicating information about this
    opportunity to girls across the country!

    Cynthia Skier, Director
    Women's Technology Program (WTP)

    MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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    oh thanks Sunshine! I will pass this onto my niece :)

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