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Thread: Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy in Her Pumpum

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    in ur madda bedroom
    lol @ these chicken head bytches who end up getting fukked behind speaker boxes at the fetes acting all dignified on a message board

    bout vulgar

    vulgar is that doodoo stain / skid mark on your carnival outfit while you're wearing it visible to the NAKED eye


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    Quote Originally Posted by miss Trinibajan View Post
    soca can be as vulgar as reggae/dancehall... BUT... dancehall is more RAW lyrically...

    e.g hot fuk,

    where as soca tune maybe be vulgar slyly/ its more of a pun than raw lyrics

    e.g conch - lil rick

    I find buddy buddy in her pumpum is a catchy tune.. but seriously these raw lyrics need to stop.. they so disrespectful.. I dunno how them girls can agree to perform in them vids seriously...each to thier own I guess...
    Man he did only yalkin bout conch, nuttin else. LOL.

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