So you spend your young years thinking of when you grow up how you gonna do this and yuou gonna do that! Well you grow up and now you are in a grind. You wuk early marnin til late nite (flip dat aroun if u want). No time for nuttin but, somehow you mek it wid di billz and tell youself all is well, carz u nar starve. Yeah ok right! So now you convincing youself dat you can't wait to get old (er) so you can retire and do this and that. Look around you, do you see old people relaxing? Look around you don't u see dem at you office, wuking like slave, u doan see dem all over busting dem body down to the smallest shreds! No wonder dem say no job no deh. Y? Iis cause de older people cyaan afford to retire. Guess all wazn't well den! De young wan dem can't get a job cause di old one dem stil a wuk. Larwd woy as dem retire dem dead. Yeah u same one deh said dat b4, so doan laugh! Dem dead because dem wuk too long and hard to get to retirement. An who dem did a benefit? I bet dem never counted on retirement to be in di coffin!

laawd it nuh funny but i have to laugh so i doan get angry at granny down dI street waitin pon di buss to get her to wuk! Guess no body did teach her to do her own ting and mek her own money. Ah have a new love for me sista dat does do hair from she kitchen table. If a could only get her to overs dat she should go out and get more clients and save all de money so she tek dat lang vacareshan she always did a talk bout!

As usual me a talk to me people fuss!