RIP Boulo, I bought his last album just a month ago.

Boulo Valcourt, grand compositeur haïtien, est mort | Loop News
Boulo Valcourt, great Haitian composer, is dead

The Haitian singer and guitarist, Boulo Valcourt, died Friday, November 17 at a hospital in New York at the age of 71. Steve Valcourt, contacted by Loop Haiti this afternoon, confirmed the news. His health had worsened, he says. He had diabetes and was hypertensive, according to information provided by his son.

The news of the death of this author-composer emeritus plunges the Haitian music, the entire Haitian artistic and cultural sector in mourning. One of the best guitarists on the island, Boulo was the star singer of the former Caribean Sextet musical formation of the 70s and 80s, a melting pot of talented musicians including Réginald Policard and Toto Laraque. His time in this band, which mixed bossa nova, jazz, Latin rhythms and local music, gave rise to beautiful musical compositions including "Lanmou pa joke", "Chita tande", "Kok gagè" (many times taken by others). musicians and groups from the following years) and "Vin avè m".

His deep, ample voice, capable of great inflections, has accompanied the success of many titles written by Syto Cavé, his companion and his: "La Pèson", "Fè van", "Stéphanie". Boulo Valcourt has participated in the production of many records, collaborated with artists from all backgrounds and breathes and lent his services to a host of artists of the rising generation including Darline Desca. He has walked the floor of the world.

He has spent most of his life collaborating on album projects with renowned musicians. In December 2016, he signed his first and only album "It hurts the heart" where ten songs come to nestle. Fruit of two years of work. This album, Arranged and orchestrated by Boulo Valcourt and Jocel Alméus, produced by Manoumba Records, was recorded both in Port-au-Prince and New York.

50 years of busy career, hard-working and accomplished musician, icon of the local singing, Boulo Valcourt will remain forever etched in the Haitian musical memory.