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    The Borough of Point Fortin was inaugurated on 30th April, 1980 by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 12 of 1980) an Act to establish and make provision for the good government of the Borough of Point Fortin. The late Dr. the Honourable Eric Eustace Williams, (former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago was instrumental in Point Fortin becoming a Borough). It was the first Republic Borough of Trinidad and Tobago. We are now governed by the Municipal Corporations Act 21 of 1990.

    The first Council was led by the then Mayor Lionel Blake and was made up of Six (6) Councillors and two (2) Aldermen. The structure is still the same today but we have as the Mayor, Alderman St. Clair Natta. The Administration was led then by Mr. Merle Baird, the first Town Clerk. However, we now have a Chief Executive Officer in the person of Ms. Patricia Bradshaw.

    On Saturday 30th April, 2005 the Borough of Point Fortin will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We have therefore chosen the theme "Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Excellence" in this our "Silver Jubilee" year. The Community Launch of our Borough Celebrations take place on Friday 22nd April, 2005 at Victor Chin Kit Park, Point Fortin.

    The highlight of our Celebrations, Pan-on-the Move which is internationally acclaimed will be held this year on Saturday 7th May, 2005 through the streets of Point Fortin.

    It was in 1988, a seed was planted as the Point Fortin Borough Council gave birth to the idea that the natural talent and more importantly the spirit of the people, should be nurtured, ignited and molded as an avenue for stimulating economic activity in the Borough. It was also to provide a platform for the appreciation of steelband music outside of Carnival, and to showcase our talent and culture to the international community.

    The following year, 1989, the idea was further massaged and re-shaped and what emerged was a VISION for fully exploring the original idea. Most important of all, was the decision to use the national instrument, the Steel Pan, as the focal point around which that vision was to unfold......That was the birth of what was admittedly an experiment, our first Pan-on-the-Move.

    The year 1990 was a breakthrough year for our festival, as the vision was expanded to include East Indian Culture in the form of "tassarama", a tribute to the pulsating rhythm of the tassa drums. In 1995, Point Fortin could have boasted that for the first time, it produced what was undoubtedly the largest ever steelband festival outside of Carnival. That was Pan-on-the-Move 1995, a most significant juncture in the continuing evolution of
    this unique community cultural festival which is second only to our national festival, Carnival.

    Each year thousands of visitors come to the Trinidad on chartered flights from the USA, England, Canada and other Caribbean islands to participate in our Borough Day Celebrations. Our visitors look forward each year to spend time in the adjudged cleanest Borough in Trinidad and Tobago and also to renew acquaintances and enjoy the sweet music of the steel pan.

    We have embarked on a series of activities to commemorate our 25th Anniversary in addition to the traditional programme the Point Fortin Corporation will host a Borough Village at Coronation Park during the period 22nd April 2005 to Monday 9th May, 2005. This will be managed in collaboration with Southex Events Management Company.

    The Borough Village will comprise a Grand Market, Food Village and a Festival Arena and an Energy Exposition. There will also be a Chutney Night, Stick Fighting, Boxing and concert by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Band among some of the activities. For the sporting enthusiast, there is the Marathon/Walking Race. Included also will be Denise Belfon in Concert, the Mayor's Charity Ball and a National Youth Day are some of the highlights

    Plans are also being formulated to host a series of panel discussions on topics relevant to the Borough of Point Fortin by prominent Burgesses of Point Fortin and persons versed in the culture of the Borough of Point Fortin.

    We welcome all to our 25th Anniversary Celebrations 2005 which begins Friday 22nd April 2005 to Monday 9th May, 2005.

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    big it up point large an in charge years now

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    Second to Oil...Point Fortin's biggest industry is immigrants tuh de US. I swear allah sudden everybody from Point

    Allyuh sure this Borough Day thing ent just big among allyuh Point Fortinidadians...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bake n Shark
    Second to Oil...Point Fortin's biggest industry is immigrants tuh de US. I swear allah sudden everybody from Point

    Allyuh sure this Borough Day thing ent just big among allyuh Point Fortinidadians...
    i fine yuh fass

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