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Thread: Bogus Pastor Jailed

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    Bogus Pastor Jailed

    A man pretending to be a pastor was yesterday jailed for six months after he allegedly collected monies under false pretence. Imposing the sentence was Magistrate Priya Beharry.

    Dwayne Ramsoodar, also known as Rabindra Rooplall and Sunil Dwayne, pleaded guilty to a charge which stated that on August 3, with the intent to defraud he obtained from Tony Rutherford, $5,000 by pretending to be a pastor attached to the Annandale Assemblies of God Church.
    According to Police Prosecutor, Munilall Seetaram, on the day in question the defendant called Rutherford and pretended to be a pastor.
    Seetaram said that the defendant told Rutherford that he would be coming later in the day to collect the money.
    The prosecutor said that the defendant showed up at Rutherford’s residence and announced that he was there to collect the money.

    The unsuspecting victim gave Ramsoodar the money and the crook even gave the man a receipt.
    However, after Rutherford was given the receipt he checked the names and they did not correspond.
    The matter was reported to the police and Ramsoodar was arrested when he attempted to fleece the same victim of another $5,000.
    The prosecutor said that Ramsoodar is a known con artist and was jailed before for the same offence.
    According to Ramsoodar, he never received any money from Rutherford.

    Bogus pastor jailed : Kaieteur News

    *smh* what a sleaze bag

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    Punishment fit the crime

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