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Thread: Bodies dumped in river: End for kidnapped Guyanese Workers

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    Peter Christopher

    Monday, May 18th 2009

    IN A SCENE that bore resemblance to that of a mafia movie, two construction workers were found dead in the Felicity River.

    Narad Sookoo, 29, and Tameshwar Doobay, 22, both Guyanese nationals living in St Augustine, were at their worksite at around 4 p.m. on Saturday when two cars pulled up alongside the site.

    A group of men emerged from the cars and called across the two men.

    A heated discussion followed and the two men were bound by the group of men and bundled into one of the vehicles.

    Relatives of the men got word of the incident and made a report to St Joseph Police.

    Any hope of finding the men alive ended yesterday when residents of Felicity made a report to Chaguanas police yesterday at around 9.30 a.m. about the discovery of two lifeless male bodies floating in the river just off Shipping Road.

    The bodies were confirmed by relatives to be those of the two construction workers.

    All their clothing was intact with the exception of their missing shoes.

    Police said their bodies did not have any marks of violence, but suspect foul play in their drowning.

    Southern Bureau homicide is continuing investigations into the death of the men.
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