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Thread: It blasted good fuh dem. 'Licks for bandits'

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    It blasted good fuh dem. 'Licks for bandits'

    WAZIM MOHAMMED has been in martial arts for the past 12 years. Two days ago, he said faced his ultimate test and used his black belt skill to fight off three thieves during a robbery attempt. The men begged for mercy and fled after the beating, he said.

    Gasparillo police are investigating the robbery attempt, which occurred shortly after midnight at Mohammed’s home at Hard Bargain, Williamsville.

    Mohammed said he was sitting at the back of his home chatting on-line on his laptop around 12.20 a.m. on Thursday, when he saw three men stop at the gate. Mohammed said he approached and asked the men if he could help.

    ’One of the men pulled out a gun and said ’leh we go and see what you have inside,’’ Mohammed said.

    Mohammed, 33, headed toward the front door, pretending to comply. As the bandits neared the door, however, he kicked one of the men, who fell and broke a piece off the concrete handrail on the step.

    Mohammed said he then told his family to lock themselves into the house as he took on the three men.

    He said the men kept shouting ’shoot him, shoot him’, but he held onto the gunman’s hand and broke his wrist.

    ’He said ’leggo the hand nah! It break, boy,’’ Mohammed said.

    It was over in a minute.

    Mohammed said the men picked up their by then semi conscious accomplice and fled in a car parked nearby. He said police officers recovered two live shells at the scene.

    Mohammed, who works in the steel industry, said only a week ago, he removed a cast from his right foot and was supposed to begin therapy soon.

    He said some of the tactics he used to ward off the men were from his martial arts training with his instructor Archeson Wells. Other skills used are taught in his self defence class at a gym in Marabella.

    Mohammed said it was all done to protect his family.

    ’I was thinking, no matter what, I cannot let them go inside the house,’ he said.

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    With every fight there is never one round, round 2 might not be so great. I big him up for standing up for his family but he should of done dem bandits once and for all, take away the gun and kill them or something.

    ever heard the saying: you lost ah fight today tomorrow would be another day? man shoulda slaughter them and done.

    sometimes when you let them bandits slide yuh wife and kids would be the ones paying later, I always say anybody enter my house will be leaving out in body bags - I will deal with the court of law later once my family safe.
    Man ah Barbeerian bound tuh be by de bar beer in meh hand beastly cold.

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