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Thread: BlackRock Presents 10 Questions with Sanfranjouvay (school is in session)

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    BlackRock Presents 10 Questions with Sanfranjouvay (school is in session)

    The play by play,,,, de gyal dat ask more BURNING QUESTIONS than dan rather wid an STD... A young lady who always seem to turn up everywhere wanting to know "what about the people". An intellect that believes in the artfom, who's future is more bright dan de sun shining pon an albino boxie.. This week we gine actually find out from de Multi Task queen . what exactly de ass SANFRANJOUVAY does do....

    MrBlackRock: 1. What is the soca scene like on the west coast? Is it very much alive. brand new? or could use some more seasoning?

    Sanfranjouvay: It could always use more seasoning. When I moved there in 1994 there were 2 Caribbean owned clubs, the Caribee (if you think my short shorts are a hit yuh should see the 50 something year old Guyanese owner Margaret in her heels and hers) and Caribbean Gardens. No big bands would come through, but you'd hear a lil soca. Then came the Afribbean festival which was great and brought groups like Krosfyah to the bay and Blue Ventures to the bay. That died and things were brown for years. D’Midas had a section in the San Francisco carnival, but that was once a year. Then I met my business partners Patricia and Antoine and we brought some real new energy into the scene because we'd complain everywhere we go bout the lack of soca. Every bay area Dj was vexed cause we were bringing in a DJ from out of state to play soca so in trying to impress us that they could mix they'd insist on playing soca in the clubs whenever we arrived..there's only so much dollar wine and nanny wine one could take in 2K2.

    MrBlackRock: damn ... men sound like dem had de BAHA MEN heavy strong

    Sanfranjouvay: Baha Men...dat would been too recent. But Horyzon and Anslem Douglas did perform last year at Carijama..a festival held in Oakland originated by a Trini lady

    MrBlackRock: Then DJ Engineroom started to play and things got better. We link with many big hip-hop promoters and even they advertise soca now. There's a big show called Soulville this Saturday and the flyer indicates soca...we'd normally host a Caribbean room for them.

    MrBlackRock: *pelts big rick at engineroom*

    MrBlackRock: I know parrows in bim dat would hold Baha Men and bull dem wid sugar canes fyah bon dem

    Sanfranjouvay: Yeah, Engine come strong in de bay. we used to get nuff slack for using dis "white DJ", den de same promoters (other band leaders cause is part of the Sf carnaval) deh trying to get he fuh play fuh dem now.

    MrBlackRock: So dah bad back garbage pail kid posterboy fake ass crocodile dundee lookalike good for something? I guess I would too if I couldn’t get to win de Jeffrey Dahmer lookalike contest. Respect doh

    Sanfranjouvay: where your question 2

    *blackrock panting.. wonders if de shite over already, till he sees her bikini*

    MrBlackRock: waiting fah you to stop running talk
    *passes ritalin*

    MrBlackRock: 2. What is your west indian background on Imix no one see's a flag attached and you been to Bim a few times so yuh know we claiming?

    SanFranJouvay: Bim could claim, maybe dat way allyuh would stop mistreating Guyanese at de airport. I born and bred in Georgetown, Guyana. Leff when I was 17.

    MrBlackRock: so basically you bajan cause guyanese in bim like saliva in a tied tongue mout

    Sanfranjouvay: i cyan even type you got me cracking up

    MrBlackRock: 3. Word on de island is dat you got a PHD? dah true? or you still aspiring to get one?

    SanfranJouvay: Party Hardy Diehard. Since June 2002.

    SanFranJouvay: On a serious tip I do in environmental engineering. Undergrad in chemical engineering and then the switch. Ask me what I doing wid de fete business? I figuring dat out meself.

    MrBlackRock: 4. You are in Singapore.. you adding to de stereotype dat west indians everywhere, so de question poses itself. WHAT DE RASS U DOING DEY?

    Sanfranjouvay: I looking fuh meh chinee soul mate.

    MrBlackRock: all 100pounds of him

    Sanfranjouvay: question is where de 100 punds? Mine yuh mout my grandfather and great granfather were from China so dem must ah had something to produce dis

    *cause you eyes are small as shite*

    Sanfranjouvay : On a serious tip I teaching and doing research at a university here. They're trying to build a strong environmental engineering program and have a joint venture with Stanford...since I doing a post doc at Stanford I here now. Mind you all day I only deh building new pages for

    *calls adminstration, cause yuh bikini still on*

    MrBlackRock: i hear de Chinese version of Spanish Fly is calle Daugutts aka DOG GUTS

    MrBlackRock: 5. (Emergency Question) If you got phd... working and attending Stanford University and in Singapore why you in de Culture Promotion Business?

    Sanfranjouvay: I have that adult disease where I can't focus. On a real tip I'd say it started as a distraction when I was finishing my thesis and it's become an integral part of my life for I realize there's alot I can contribute. As a lil chile growing up I was involved in professional theater in Guyana and wanted to go NYU to drama school, but parents convinced me engineering is de way. In Boston I joined another professional group and would skip college classes to go do our black version of Shakespeare in the public shcools. I go on wid de phd and parents say, once you done dat yu could come home and sell sweetie on the street now dey can't say anything bout actually, they into it and finally, after more dan a decade of school...dey encouraging me to do whatever i want. My mother even asking me if I want interview paul keens douglas for our site

    MrBlackRock: tell paul keens shout me.. we gotta ketch up *lying through his fackin teet*

    Sanfranjouvay : you remind me of a male version of Tanty merle

    MrBlackRock: She look good? Replace dah T wid P and she can call me.
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    MrBlackRock: 6. Top 3 Soca songs that inspire you.. cause when it all said and done its all about the music?

    Sanfranjouvay : Dis may sound shallow, but Workey...I lef guyana de day after i finished A levels and not many friends made it to my going away party at Mingles bar because we had de chem practical de next day (check dem at Miami carnival, back in 90 they were the shit in GT and Jomo now wining on his head wid he lisp for Byron Lee), But I just remember dis old man and me carrying on when dat song was playing...
    Needless to say i walk in de exam high and get an dad say dat's how you must take chemistry practical..relaxed
    But back to de other 2 songs: Haiti by David Rudder (dat would be my number 1) because it's message is so strong and still true

    MrBlackRock: dem people got it ruff.

    Sanfranjouvay: Yeah, but moreso we fail to recognize the great history from that place. And 3, boy I cyan decide. When I dancing, every song does sound like a favorite.

    MrBlackRock: pick one *injects more ritalin*

    MrBlackRock: 7. What is "sexy" to you? define it

    Sanfranjouvay : Oh scunnt wat kind a hard question is dat?

    *only thing missing from dis gyal is a blond wig*

    MrBlackRock: i doan ask hard questions.. i just get hard answers now tell me before i call Shango de town wicker to knock pon u door

    Sanfranjouvay: Sexy to me is a crazy magnetic vibe dat people give off. I can't describe it really.

    MrBlackRock: well figure it out.... a woman as in tune as u cyan define sexy?

    *puts gun to forehead*

    Sanfranjouvay: Sexy is confidence on a nude body wid a bright brain on its head

    *lame answer*

    MrBlackRock: 8. Analyze this quote from a bajan calypso song

    " And de money dat yuh spend at de embassy for a visa, yuh getting robbed, still some bajans would go and pay it, and go away and work 3 jobs. they left this sweet island , to struggle in a foreign land where a black man's life ain important, bajans doan know that they want"

    Sanfranjouvay : There is much truth to that statement. At the same time, I think the opportunities that one can get say in America are there. When you look at the Caribbean and its class and race structures many of those opportunities are not as easy to come by as they are in the states.

    MrBlackRock: But you are measuring success by american standards... some people leave home.... come here and living in shit.... when dem got big house back home,,, wuh dah doing fah u when you can raise chile in bim and have him or her get U.S. education

    Sanfranjouvay: And i think immigrants come with the notion that life will improve and work towards that.

    Sanfranjouvay: Agreed. But many have left for the children to make sure they can afford an education over here. Many also see it as an opportunity to come, make some money, get a skill and then return..and do.

    MrBlackRock: most dont return..... *has INS on speedial*

    :Sanfranjouvay: And the question is why? I know many who'd like to work in the Caribbean, but how do you find opportunities there? Jamaica is now doing a very large campaign to attract young Jamaicans back to the island. Look, there are so many skilled West Indians outside of the region who could fill the position of every white consultant down does one make that happen. Have you tried moving back? You are taxed so heavily on bringing your shit back (Barbados is prime example).

    MrBlackRock: you doan ask me questions i asking you , dog bite you

    Sanfranjouvay: I don't think the governments have anything set up very well to attract anyone to return easily. Sure, we romanticize the place, but when we think seriously of moving back you have to think (in the case of Guyana) a black guyanese am i going to get contracts with the current government..that sort of shite.


    MrBlackRock: 9. If you can go back in time , in de days of slavery, what 4 things you would take back with you?

    Sanfranjouvay: 4 valium tablets to kill myself

    *i will be there to deliver u from evil and play nuff massa massa games*

    MrBlackRock: you wouldnt take a tank,, a gun .. and a tv vcr to show de slaves "look this is how wunna supposed to fack up de white man"

    Sanfranjouvay: they're not really facked up yet are they?

    MrBlackRock: and some thongs fah de slave women.. gawdblinya…. I bet de ideology behind dem old mudda hubbard dresses gine disappear, rasshole harriet tubman gine be like Beyonce’

    MrBlackRock: 10. I ain asking you to play favorite but i know you've interview many famous people.... who did you enjoy working with the most?

    Sanfranjouvay: I'd have to say Rupee.

    MrBlackRock: Y?

    Sanfranjouvay: I've not been in this business very long and Rupee was our first performer (actually only one till next Friday when we do a Square One show in the bay area) in 2001 and he's just been a great help and a great person who I've built a good working relationship with so I felt the most comfortable interviewing him. Plus....he love Guyanese people bad bad. I doan know though dais is a tough question.

    Sanfranjouvay: Peter Coppin was great cause his energy was so frigging high and I knew nothing of producing.

    MrBlackRock: Guyanese are bajans, wunna nuff in bim like grains of sand

    MrBlackRock: Dais cause allyuh cyan grow you own facking food and we's got to bring it in from GT

    Sanfranjouvay: Godbleh coral infertile ground especially in boring facking black rock we does clean it fuh wunna

    MrBlackRock: we doan care about that blackrock got scholars

    Sanfranjouvay: dah is true I live dey, or near dey

    Sanfranjouvay: ACTUALLY, If Volcano Jenny picks up Black Rock will sink and you will swim. Check the Center for Climate Change in black rock

    MrBlackRock: will survive, we smart we will use all de guyanese as rafts
    Maya says:

    bonus question

    MrBlackRock: Thongs or Full panties. or bikini panties

    *sprays WD-40 on her scalp*

    Sanfranjouvay: I’d have to say kitty cyat shorts

    *looks for EXTRA EXTRA large condom*


    Next week,,,, Carnival Special..... Double Dose



    MsCaribcrew , ms Controversial.... TRINIBAJE.

    report to my msn please
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    on point as always...kepp up the good work rock

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    Thumbs up

    Lol.. Sanfran mek you ent pelt Rock....

    Great as usual....
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    That was informative as well as funny. Good Job again.

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    very nice interview

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    Great and very REAL interview! Oh by the way Sanfran. Workey and Haiti are some good chunes!

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    Very, Very, Very Nice interview!!!!

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    If i did not get a PM i woulda neva know dis up here. dat blasted lying black rock.

    fuss of all he was an hour late so I changed the bikini. Is long long he had me pon MSN and den i tell he tek out all sexual content...lawd god he reinvent de whole facking interview. Next off, I feel he is a lil biased cause I tell he say meh favorite interview was Wendell Manwarren from 3 Canal and how much i been digging him (as an artist) since 1994...hello, mr black rock, it ain't all bout de Bajans you know.

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    Originally posted by sanfranjouvay
    If i did not get a PM i woulda neva know dis up here. dat blasted lying black rock.

    fuss of all he was an hour late so I changed the bikini. Is long long he had me pon MSN and den i tell he tek out all sexual content...lawd god he reinvent de whole facking interview. Next off, I feel he is a lil biased cause I tell he say meh favorite interview was Wendell Manwarren from 3 Canal and how much i been digging him (as an artist) since 1994...hello, mr black rock, it ain't all bout de Bajans you know.
    fack u and you bajan talk.. i got my affirmative action pass

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