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Thread: Black Family Structure!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaMs
    There's a black family structure??? choooooooooops
    ah dat me ah say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJK
    that was more for oneshot.. But you can read it later the views are quite interesting.. I will copy a paragraph..

    In tribal Africa, the most important aspect of life and survival was the family. Unlike the European concept of family, the African family structure consisted of the entire community. In essence, ancestral and actual blood lines were not the primary basis for defining a family. This type of family structure continues to exist today. The institution of "fictive kin" (which consisted of individuals throughout the community) during slavery and thereafter enabled individuals to protect one another whether or not they were related. Once again, we witness how the communal bond that existed in tribal African families corresponds to contem porary black American families.

    Interesting...well, I never lived or grew up with White people but did they have "Play Cousins" the way we did? I tend to think we "use" to take a variation of that tribal/communal approach (and to an extent still do) with the play cousins and uncles and aunts etc. In my opinion, that was a part of the black family structure. Most probably don't realize it b/c so many families are (or appear) dysfunctional but the "play family" is that extended/tribal family.
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