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Thread: Big Up to LIU

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    Safe trip to The President of Sesame and

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    Big Up to LIU

    I had the extreme pleasure to go to LIU last night. Every other Thursday at LIU there is a party. From six to nine it was non-stop jammin. I had the opportunity to play Dominoes and wine up with some sexy LIU girls. Big up to Duane from Hell's Kitchen thanks for passin me through. This Saturday I will be back at LIU linking up with the sexy voices of the WLIU ladies so listen to BCAT this Saturday as yours truly is a special guest at WLIU but until then:

    Blessings to all Blessed

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    RE: Big Up to LIU

    Hey BoxBoy I was real surprised to see you up in my school last nite. I came late so I didn't get to jam with my fellow LIU heads and my crew "Albany's Finest" and "Spyces Crew Intl'". I will be there on the 22nd. So you better be there.

    Spyces and Albany Finest Running tings 4 2001!!!!!!!

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