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Thread: Best of Wishes

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    Best of Wishes

    So, this is a big weekend for us in San Francisco,
    for Tony Tempo in Atlanta (catch him on Friday July 26th
    playing for a party madhatter fete and birthday bash)
    and for alot of artists and promoters on the east coast (we could not pull a soul away from NY to perform this weekend in California, but will have Rupee at our next party on May 31st) and i just wanted to say have a safe weekend.

    For those of you with friends and family out in California or who are
    on here from the bay area, please spread the word that the Caribbean will be well represented this weekend in San Francisco and Oakland and and the other groups (islands of fire, mas makers) could use your support.

    We ( managed to raise the money for a Caribbean and African DJ tent at the SF carnaval so when Horyzon is not on one of the 3 main stages you can hear something other than samba and salsa.... after you jump down the road with us on Sunday...check our newsletter for the carnival line up (we're putting in overtime for not even the carnaval committe put the damn thing up).

    Nuff said, we still need volunteers..have the cameras just need someone sober to film it and take pictures. Drop us an email:

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