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Thread: barbancourt lo mejor!!!

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    barbancourt lo mejor!!!

    ok so what is better than this especially a rum that is readily available in the US

    if u dont know thuis haitian rum is a steal for the aged 8 year bottle and is nice to sip on, nice to drink with a little water and ice, and great in a rum punch with sugar lime juice and water...

    i know el dorado demerara is the shiznit but it is harder to find then barbancourt

    a good easy to find rum is gosslings black from bermuda (or is it bahamas)

    i know each island has stuff but it is hard to find here

    i hear trinidad has good offerings

    i never fell in love with mount gay regular but im sure the reserve is nice

    meyers is nice so is appleton.

    bACARDI WHITES have a special place in my heart

    im sure cuba has nyce rums

    pyrat out of anguilla is NASTY

    gin is nice in a martini or with tonic

    vodka is cool

    tequila can be fantastic

    im a gangstwer so i drink hennessey

    not the biggest whiskey and scotch fan

    but barbancourt is what i usually buy

    rum is interesting because it is so variable. like barbancourt is made in a cognac fashion.
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