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Thread: Barbados #1 In Region, Among World's Top 40.

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    Barbados #1 In Region, Among World's Top 40.

    Country listed among the best to live in; Barbados No. 1 place in region

    By Tony Best
    January 6th, 2005

    A few days before boarding a plane in Barbados to head back to New York, a Bajan had mixed emotions.
    His feelings were mixed because of the "delightful" Christmas and holiday season "at home" but upset by the seemingly never-ending stream of criticisms he heard about the quality of Barbadian life. "You can't help but be proud of this country's achievements and its well-being. But on far too many occasions when you sit down with a group of people, listen to discussions on radio or try to enjoy indigenous music, created by Barbadians, you would think the country is going to the dogs," said the man who lived most of his life outside of the country but visits at least once a year. "One wonders what's driving this complaining mood," he added.
    "It can't be the quality of life because Barbados has a very high standard of living for a developing nation, even better than some relatively rich European countries.

    On their toes

    "Perhaps the complaints can be traced to the admirable goal of keeping the Government and businesses on their collective toes. But if that were the case then I would have heard a more balanced view of life. Perhaps, it may be the psyche of our people or the hand of politics." His observations lead to an obvious question: are Bajans becoming a nation of complainers, unable to thank God for what they have and what their country has achieved? Whatever the answer, the man's assessment struck a responsive cord. For while people seemingly spent much of 2005 and the first few days of 2006 talking about everything that was wrong instead of mising the the bitter with the sweet, according to the middle-aged man, Barbados ended 2005 listed among the best countries in the world in which to live. It's going to be interesting to see how it ranks in 2006.
    Barbados' place in the top tier of 111 countries in every corner of the globe was decided by a team of experts assembled by The Economist, Britain's premier new weekly publication, which has an extensive global circulation and is widely distributed to North America. "In order to make its choices, the experts devised an "Index" and used it to rate the quality of life in each country on a scale of one to ten, with ten the best score and one the worst.
    In the worldwide index 2005, Barbados was ranked 33rd. No other Caribbean country made the top 40, a grouping reserved for those places, which were considered the best in the world. As a first step, the experts used international life-satisfaction surveys to help them determine the countries with the best quality of life. While the main factor in the equation was income, other important things considered were health, security, gender equality, civil liberties, family and community life, climate and political stability.

    Global ranking

    Barbados scored a 6.70 out of a possible ten points, earning a global ranking that was just behind Britain, South Korea, Chile and Mexico but ahead of the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Hungary, Israel Brazil and Argentina., all of which were in the top 40 nations. The Economist index was separate and distinct from the United Nations Human Development Index, which put Barbados in the top 30 in the world in 2005. Heading the global quality of life index was Ireland with 8.33. It was followed by Switzerland 8.07; Norway 8.05; Autralia 7.93; Iceland 7.91; Italy 7.81; Denmark 7.80; and Spain 7.73. Interestingly, the United States was 13th with a score of 7.62; Canada 14th, 7.60; Germany 26th, 7.05; and Britain 29th, 6.92. On the other hand, China, 6.08; Russia, 4.80; and Nigeria 4.80; were all in the "lower half of the league" along with South Africa, Egypt, Haiti and Zimbabwe.

    World's leader

    Ireland emerged the world's leader although it wasn't the wealthiest and it didn't enjoy the best climate. What made it so desirable was its "preservation of cozy elements of the old (way of life), such as "stable family and community life" and its acceptance of new features of modern existence. However, Britain, a much wealthier country than Ireland, suffered because it had a high level of "social and family breakdown." Barbados' score and ranking which placed it close to Britain was something of a surprise. The Economist was quick to acknowledge that surveys of life satisfaction, although grouwing in popularity, were subjective. In addition, it recognised that people in different parts of the world would scoff at attempts to measure well-being across countries. That brings us back to the Barbadian-American. If his observations were right on the money, we shouldn't be caught off guard if some Barbadians head the list of those complaining about the Index and attempting to poke holes in the results.
    Source: The Nation

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWADA-BAJE
    The Economist index was separate and distinct from the United Nations Human Development Index, which put Barbados in the top 30 in the world in 2005. Source: The Nation
    Which also makes BIM #1 in the region and among the elite in that index

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