Bandoleros invade Brooklyn and Capture New York Championship - Sonatas Steel Orchestra style

New York, USA - This one will be talked about for ages. Years from now children will ask their grandparents with great intrigue - “Were you there when dem Bandoleros called Sonatas Steel Orchestra from Brooklyn, Crown Heights, descended on the Brooklyn Museum grounds and captured New York?” And thousands will respond “yes, I was there, I saw and heard it all, it is a night I will never forget.”

With a blinding flurry of 32 second-notes (demisemiquavers), perfectly synced musical jabs that would make Muhammad Ali blush, mixed in with an overhand crushing right cross, followed by a wicked volley of musical chromatic triplets to the head - plus the dynamic delivery of a visual and choreographed set of body dips, twists and turns, finished off with solid blows to the midsection -- 1-2-3- it was over! Down and out for the count.

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