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Thread: Bajans.. hmph

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    at the end of the day by barbados and trinidad doing what they are doing ,it is helps strengthen ties with those countreis and in this day and age if you can helpa country out(espically one like china, and we should all have a good idea in how china influences the world cause with themm hmmmm) anyway ithelps build a relationship between the two countries and if anything other countries in the caribbean should do the same and maybe..just maybe one day import and export free between each other and have stronger something now to help the future in the country

    in no way, shape, or form is there a negative in this situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bake n Shark View Post
    Fact of the matter is that it's a business venture and not a social programme. Four Seasons is in Barbados for the same reason every other company is in the make money. That is affected by limiting costs and finishing the project on time...and if there are labor factors that legitimately and significantly enough affect that then I can't argue with it.

    I totally agree with this....the government cannot tell a private entity who to hire.......although it can limit the number of permits that are given the end its about getting the work done...and if Barbados plays hard ball the project might not be able to get the required labour regionally.

    If u are talking about China State funded projects now that is another story,.....using Chinese labour is a condition of utilizing their grant resources....and it aint only de Chinese that have that stipulation.

    in addtion I think alot of people are really aware of what is really happening in the region....right now the regional construction market is hot....and as a result contractors and sending in rediculously high Barbados we postponed a number of projects till after World Cup hoping things will cool down....but that is not going to happen for a while.....

    alot of people have no idea the size of Barbados' public sector has well over 50 active projects and many more in planning......and that does not include what the private sector is doing..

    I do agree that the whole issue of foreign labour needs to be looked at...but its needs to be done inna holistic manner, which appreciates the local interest as well as all the various multi lateral and bi-lateral agreements entered into.
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