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Thread: Bajan Model Featured in May's Essence Magazine

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    Cool Bajan Model Featured in May's Essence Magazine

    TENNILLE STOUTE, the 22-year-old Barbadian, may not yet be considered a supermodel but she seems close to reaching that exalted level.

    Just pick up the May edition of Essence, one of North America's leading monthly women's magazines and her path to supermodel status would become clear.

    In the May issue, Tennille and the clothes she is showing off for the benefit of mostly black readers in the United States and Canada occupy pride of place in the 280-page edition. Shots of the Bajan modelling designer clothes are featured in the fashion and content sections.

    Walter Greene, a Caribbean fashion critic in New York City, said Tennille and her success were helping to spread the word about Barbados and the talent in the country.

    "She stalks the runway like a ferocious feline with a walk that is revered by world class designers who just love the way this young Barbados-born beauty carries clothes," he wrote a few days ago.

    "But out of the heels and make-up, Tennille is a fun-loving new model who is just taking her career step-by-step and having fun with it."

    The current focus on Tennille in Essence is but the latest in a line of appearances by the Barbadian, who has walked and appeared in fashion sheets in Germany, Jamaica, New York, London and other places.

    She has been featured in Italian Elle, SHE, Sister 2 Sister, Good Life, Vibe Vixen and Circuit magazines.

    What advice does she have for up-and-coming models in and out of Barbados and the United States?

    She told Greene in the New York Carib News: "Stay focused and listen only to the positive. Negative energy is just that – negative energy."

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    Yeah I think she is one of the best look model in Bim right she is bald like me

    but she has a really nice presence on stage.....and although she is very slim she dont look starve out wid bones jkking out ...yah know what i mean
    ........and she is pretty too that doesnt seem to be a requirement for modelling dese days

    Anyway u go girl keep doing ur thing.....

    i tink she got Guyanese connections yah know ( wiat till VP see dat)
    We going from Sun til Sun.......

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    Fix up, look sharp!


    Great I'm happy for her and she does look pretty.

    betcha now I'll be looking at magazines and now recognizing her.
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    I love her look and hair... She reminds me so much of another bajan sister on here, but I'll leave that alone! lol...
    I've seen her on some other fashion magazines!

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