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Thread: Bacchanal at Calypso King of Kings in St.Kitts as show prematurely cancelled

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    Bacchanal at Calypso King of Kings in St.Kitts as show prematurely cancelled


    We have received reports that the much anticipated Calypso World Cup Competition organized and promoted by Micheal Walters is on the verge of cancellation. Some 200 persons are currently at the Warner Park Sugar Mill stadium demanding their money back as at 9:30pm the show has yet to be started and the stage, including back stage, is in total darkness. According to sources, the promoter and organizer of the event Mr Micheal Walters is still in discussions with the company responsible for the generator which was supposed to be providing power to the stage and for the band. A source close to S AND L Stage Power and Lighting , the generator company, has indicated that the agreement with Mr Walters was that the moneys for the generator and the supply of power was to be paid upfront. However Mr Walters has seemingly been unable to come up with said money and as such the stage remains in total darkness.
    It is further been reported as well that calypsonians including defending Monarch Karene Asche from Trinidad and some 13 other Calypso Kings and Queens from throughout the region have yet to enter the Sugar Mill stadium as they are all at their hotels demanding that they be paid their promised performance fees before they leave their respective hotels. The agreement was that they were all to be paid a performance fee before they take the Sugar Mill stage.
    Scores of patrons are currently at the gates of the sugar mill stadium demanding their money back from Mr Walters.
    Stay tuned for further details…….

    Photo shows patrons at ticket center outside venue demanding their money back

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    St. Kitts looking to outdo tnt with bachannalia around calypso competitions. That's too bad.
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