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Thread: Aurelio Martinez Garifuna Afro-Combo

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    Aurelio Martinez Garifuna Afro-Combo

    One to look for. Again, one has to look outside the English speaking Caribbean for great modern African roots music.

    One of the most extraordinary and passionate Central American artists of his generation, Aurelio Martinez is a major tradition-bearer of the threatened Garifuna culture that fuses African and Caribbean-Indian roots. Acclaimed for both his preservation and modernization of this musical tradition, Aurelio's virtuosity is found in his distinctive, powerfully evocative vocals and his talent as a composer, guitarist and percussionist.

    Clip of Aurelio in Senegal

    Born into a family possessing a long and distinguished musical tradition in the small Garifuna community of Plaplaya, Honduras; at the age of six Aurelio was already playing drums at social gatherings and by his late teens he had formed the Garifuna ensemble, Lita Ariran and was a mainstay on the live music scene in La Ceiba, Honduras for many years.
    In 1997 Aurelio traveled to Belize to record on for Paranda project. A seminal album that marked the revival of Paranda music in the region and the beginning of a long relationship with music producer and Stonetree founder Ivan Duran and with many of Stonetree’s other Garifuna artists including the legendary Paul Nabor and the late great Andy Palacio. Fully returning to his Paranda roots, Aurelio released his solo debut album Garifuna Soul in 2004. The album received critical acclaim and earned him the honour of being named Newcomer of the Year by AfroPop Worldwide.

    In 2007 Aurelio was featured on the album, Watina, from Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective. This album proved to be the international breakthrough project for Garifuna music as it would climb to number one on the world music charts in Europe before going on to win numerous international awards. In 2009 Aurelio was selected by African super-star, Youssou N'dour, to become his protégé as part of The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative program.
    While in Senegal, Aurelio not only collaborated and recorded with Youssou, but with many other musicians from the Super Etoile band and Orchestra Baobab, as well as numerous young up and coming artists.
    The resulting cross-pollination of cultures, traditions, and sounds provide the foundation for Aurelio’s upcoming release, which is anxiously awaited by critics and fans of Garifuna music worldwide.
    Aside from music, Aurelio is also a cultural and political advocate. In 2005 he became the first person of African descent to be elected to the Honduran National Congress from the marginalized district of Atlantida.
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