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Thread: Ask Weezy....Sebas this may be the solution

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    Talking Ask Weezy....Sebas this may be the solution

    for your girl questions



    Check out #1 #2 #3 #5 #6 #11 #13 #14 #19 the options for others comes up after the ads.
    Despite how he looks from what he's sayin I can understand why he gets chicks you think wouldn't touch him.

    I'm a convert.
    “A sharp knife never proclaims it’s sharpness to the world…but the first to fall against it becomes it’s advocate.”

    You can put any face behind a mask but be careful cos someone else might be pretending. You might not be the only one with a secret -- Cassie/Gretel

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    lol I will study this

    but I have my own theories too

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